Block 37 is eighty-sixing the old formula.

Enough of the same-old, same-old.  Block 37 is a five piece band hell-bent on not boring you to death the way so many other bands do.  Instead, we offer a blistering blend of power pop gems for an evening of high energy balls-to-the-wall fun.  From the 70s to today, from The Clash to The Cars, from The Black Keys to the White Stripes, from The English Beat to OK Go, from Weezer to Wilco, we’ve got your fun covered.  Remember that one great tune by that one band whose name you can never remember?  Yeah, we play it, because while you might not remember the names Donnie Iris, The Plimsouls, Fastball, Big Star and The Kings, you sure as hell remember their music.

Give a night of fun a try for a change.  Book your Block37 gig today.


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